East Avenue Primary School

G/T Projects

 1st Grade Gifted/Talented - 2nd 6 Weeks
The first grade G/T students learned about all kinds of patterns during the 2nd six weeks. First, they learned about patterns in clothes and had to design a "shirt." They learned about patterns in art and painted pictures in the abstract style of Piet Mondrian.  Next, the students learned about patterns in various kinds of games. For review, they created art, music, and body patterns at different stations.  They explored body symmetry by taking measurements of their arms, legs, hands, and feet and learned how our fingerprints have a pattern even though they are all unique!  Finally, the students learned how life cycles are a pattern and made posters on the 4 stages of the monarch butterfly life cycle.  More pictures can be found on Mrs. Grahmann's blog under the Faculty Directory tab.